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Burke County, North Carolina Charters of Freedom

Town of Morganton

July 2, 2014

Foundation Forward erected its first Charters of Freedom Setting on the Old Burke County Courthouse Green in downtown Morganton, North Carolina. The project began on May 3, 2012 while Vance and Mary Jo Patterson were attending the National Day of Prayer meeting. Sitting under the shade tree in the right of this picture, the idea came, “What if we could duplicate the experience we had at the National Archives in Washington, DC when we first viewed our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, and bring that experience back to our neighbors here in Burke County?” Following the meeting, Vance and Mary Jo walked around the grounds looking for a possible site. Two years and two months later, the education project was completed. Landscaping, new sidewalks, and park benches were in place for the official dedication on July 2, 2014.




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